Clean Sensation 'Instant' Hand Sanitizer Gel

70% Alcohol.  Enriched with skin conditioning emollients to help protect against irritation and help keep skin smooth and soft.  70% Ethanol Alcohol provides proven infection prevention against a wide range of germs.

Instant Disinfectant Spray

70% Alcohol.  Instant surface disinfectant/cleaner.  Effective against a broad range of viruses & bacteria. Noncaustic formula is safe on most inanimate surfaces.  Can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner.  Strong enough to kill on contact.

Sensibly Clean HE 'Anti-Bacterial' Laundry Detergent

For applications where bacterial contamination may be present.  Ideal for institutions like Nursing Homes, Child Care Centres, Health Clubs, Gyms, Physiotherapy etc.  Kills 99% of bacteria.

Sensibly Clean 'Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid'

Comparable to our 'Gold' dishwashing liquid, but with anti-bacterial qualities.  Will kill bacteria on contact.  Fresh citrus fragrance.

Sensibly Clean 'Anti-Bacterial / Aloe Vera' Hand Soap

🗸New Health Canada Certified

A 'top of the line', mild soap with strong germ fighting ingredients.  Contains Aloe Vera and emollients.  Produces a copious lather.  Kills 99% of bacteria on contact.  Antiseptic blue, with a gentle fragrance.

Clean Sensation 'Jade' Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

An economical anti-bacterial hand soap.  Lightly pearized.  Granny Smith fragrance.

Sensibly Clean 'Rapid' Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Cleaner - Degreaser

A top quality cleaner for all hard surfaces to prevent bacterial contamination.  Designed for food processing, nursing homes, gyms, child care etc.

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