Car / Truck Wash

'Car / Truck Wash'

Premium quality for a clean and spotless car or truck.  Tough on grease.  Safe on metal and aluminum.  Removes soil, dirt and grime.  For use in all automatic and manual washers.

Car / Truck Wax

'Car / Truck Wax'

A concentrated liquid spray wax for automatic and self-serve washers.  Provides superior surface beading on vehicle surface.  Assists in rapid drying.  Provides a lustrous finish and a protective coating against rust formation. 

Rinse Aid

'Rinse Aid'

A concentrated liquid spray drying agent. Increases surface tension.  For use in automatic and self-serve washers. 

Glass Cleaner

'Spray-On Wax'

A liquid spay-on wax that can be applied to wet or vehicle surface.  Enhances shine and protects the surface while easily removing soil, dust, fingerprints and water spots.  A super slick formula that is easy to use and features high water beading that lasts for weeks.  UV paint protection against the harsh sun.  Fresh cherry fragrance leaves vehicle smelling great.

Tire Dressing

'Vinyl & Tire Shine'

Great for all sorts of surfaces, inside and out.  Provides a shiny finish and helps shield against the sun and everyday use.  Special moisturizing ingredients help keep surfaces soft and flexible.

Wipe & Shine

'Wipe & Shine'

An extreme detailer that is easy to use.  An environmentally safe product that quickly removes dirt, marks and finger prints from vehicle surfaces.  Leaves a wonderful high gloss shine.  Helps shield against harmful UV rays.

Spray-On Wax

'Glass Cleaner'

Cleans and polishes all glass and mirror surfaces.  Excellent for use on chrome and polished steel.

Slugger Garage Floor Cleaner

'Slugger' Garage Floor Cleaner

A powdered high alkali, high surfactant formula with good rinse-ability.  Will tackle the most greasy garage and other concrete floors with ease.

All Purpose Cleaner

Clean Sensation Citrus 'All Purpose' Cleaner

🗸New Health Canada Certified

An all around work horse to clean and degrease all kinds of hard surfaces.  Ideal for floors, walls etc.  Contains anti-foam agents for easy rinsing.  Very suitable for car and truck washing.

DXP1 Degreaser

Clean Sensation 'DXP1' Extra Performance Degreaser

An extra potency degreaser with a broad range of applications.  It will clean wherever grease and grime are a problem, where others fail.  Formulated with specialty chemicals.  For industrial commercial use.

Hand Cleaner w/grit

Sensibly Clean 'Nutty Grit' Abrasive (Mechanic's) Hand Cleaner

An environmentally friendly product containing ground walnut shells.  Effortlessly remove grease, dyes, inks and most other stains from hand and skin.  Generous amounts of Lanolin to keep skin moisturized.  Available with or without pumps.

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