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'Ultra Fresh' Premium

With oxygen bleach, optical brighteners, colour guard, soil anti-redeposition agents and added water softeners.  Compares most favorably with top selling premium national brands.  Easy on sensitive skin.  Suitable for children's clothing.  Controlled foam assists in better rinsing.  Phosphate free.  Lemon scented.


'Clean Sensation' Concentrated

An outstanding price efficient detergent with extra cleaning power and added water softeners.  Controlled foam will promote easy rinsing.  For industrial and commercial applications.  Lemon scented.


'Impact' Economy

An economical detergent with excellent cleaning properties.  Widely used in institutional and commercial applications where economy matters.  Also sold in bulk.


'Bully' High Alkaline Professional

This powerful concentrated detergent is specifically formulated for professional laundries.  High concentration of silicates, alkali, oxygen cleaners and surfactants combat heavily grease soiled articles.  A sour rinse is advised.


'Dychlopor' Powder Bleach

12% active chlorine contents for bleaching and sanitizing.


'Oxybrite' Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen brightener is used as a bleach alternative for white and coloured articles.  Enhances colours.  Does not contain chlorine based ingredients.


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