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'Cherry Blossom' Hand Soap

An economical hand soap.  Cherry scented.


'Pink Flamingo' Lotion Hand Soap

An economy minded, lightly pearlized pink hand soap.  Pleasantly scented.


'Pink Satin' Cream Hand & Body Soap

A premium pearlized hand & body soap with neutral PH for clean & soft skin.  Almond scented.


'Jade' Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

An economical anti-bacterial hand soap.  Lightly pearized.  Granny Smith scented.


'Opaline Blue' Hand & Body Shampoo

A deep blue, clear and rich hand & body shampoo.  Fresh herbal fragrance.


'White Pearl' Cream Hand & Body Soap

Premium quality hand & body soap.  Neutral PH.  A pearly gem for hand & body cleansing.  Available either pleasantly scented or unscented.


'Aloe Vera' Anti-Bacterial Premium Hand & Body Soap

A 'top of the line', mild soap with strong germ fighting ingredients.  Contains aloe vera and emollients.  Produces a copious lather.  Kills 99% of bacteria on contact.  Antiseptic blue, with a gentle fragrance.


'Foamy Aloe' Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand & Skin Cleanser

A top quality foaming anti-bacterial foaming hand soap.  Soothing aloe vera and skin moisturizers, together with anti-bacterial agents, give this top quality foaming soap outstanding cleaning and sanitizing characteristics.  For use in special foaming soap dispensers.


'Foamy Green' Foaming Hand & Skin Cleanser

An environmentally friendly product with an all natural fragrance.  Top quality ingredients, including skin conditioners deliver an abundance of gentle foam.  For use in special foaming soap dispensers.


'Sensibly Green' Environmental Hand & Body Soap

All ingredients in this totally environmentally sustainable Hand & Body soap are derived from natural sourced or DfE (Designed for the Environment) approved.  Fragrance free.  No dyes or preservatives.  Trade mark protected.


4 X 4L jugs per case           20L plastic pail w/pour spout           200L drum